Tweet Archive Search

Full-text search for your Twitter archive

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Tweet archive search

Indexes your Twitter archive .zip file so you can search your tweets by keyword or phrase.

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How to install

Just download the binary executable for your OS and execute it from the command line.

Signed checksums file

How to run

By default, assumes you have a local PostgreSQL instance running on port 5432. Create a database named "tweetarchive".

$ createdb -E UTF8 tweetarchive

Run the web app:

$ ./tweetarchive

Index your Twitter archive

Go to /upload, click on the file button, selected your downloaded Twitter archive .zip file, and click Upload. Your archive will be indexed for full-text search.

Search your tweets

Navigate to in your browser, type terms in to the box and hit enter to search your tweets!

Summary of command line options


This app is written in Go for the server and uses AngularJS for the front-end. It has a bare-bones Bootstrap style. It needs a lot of help, check out the TODO file.


This work is copyright 2013 Paul Smith and is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, see LICENSE.